Where the 4th Day is anything BUT "Ordinary Time"  
What is Cursillo?

Cursillo is an international Catholic movement recognized by the Catholic Church which has subsequently spread to several other Christian churches. It began in Spain in 1949 and was started by Bishop Juan Hervas and Dr. Eduardo Bonnin.

Its name comes from the Spanish word "Cursillo" which means "small course". The original full  name is "Cursillos de Cristiandad," meaning "short course in Christianity".

The Cursillo Weekend is neither a traditional retreat nor a theoretical course. It is best described as an experience which leads to discovering a better life and what is fundamental in Christianity. During the three days of the weekend, participants have a deep and profound experience of Christian life:

  • We get to know ourselves better (encounter self)

  • We experience the presence and love of Jesus Christ (encounter Jesus)

  • We see the goodness that can be provided by a loving and caring Christian
    Community (encounter others)

The three day weekend helps you experience your Catholic faith more fully. You are motivated to engage in a spiritual life filled with joy, laughter and enthusiasm, and to discover an enhanced relationship with God. Presentations and discussions, led by a team of Catholic lay people and spiritual advisors, will emphasize:

  • The meaning of Grace and the Sacraments

  • The need for prayer and ways of living life in union with God

The whole point of the Cursillo movement is that ordinary people can steadily grow in the love and service of God and neighbor for the rest of their lives. The Cursillo weekend can represent the first  essential step along the way or perhaps deepen your current spiritual life. Christian growth is a life-long process. Cursillo provides a framework for this process both during the three days and after your weekend in what is called the Post-Cursillo. In the Post-Cursillo the emphasis is on maintaining a vibrant and growing Christian community from which springs the apostolic action required to make ours a better world in which to live.

Cursillo awakens a consciousness of power and the mission to become a leader in the work of  Christian renewal, with the support of a Christian community.

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Cursillo Secretariat

The St. Louis Diocesan Secretariat is composed of clergy and laity, men and women. The whole Secretariat is entrusted by the Bishop with the responsibility of promoting, developing and directing the Cursillo Movement in a diocese. The authority entrusted to the Secretariat is to embrace, study, and promote the Charism of the Movement.

' "The Secretariats exist in order to simplify, facilitate and make possible the living of everything that is fundamentally Christian and to be the guardians of the purity of the method." As such, the members of the Secretariat are the servants of the servants; their role is to be one of simple service to the Movement.'

' The Cursillistas who serve the Movement in the Secretariats and Schools of Leaders can best be described as keepers of the flame of the vision of the Founder, keeping it burning brightly as a beacon for all those whose paths are illuminated by its light.

Source: National Web Site article about Secretariat at www.cursillo.org/resources/secretariat

Click HERE for a copy of the By-Laws for the Cursillo Secretariat of the Archdiocese of Saint Louis, Missouri

The St. Louis Secretariat consists of the following members:

Lay Director: Karren Tarrillion

Spiritual Director: Fr. Jason Schumer

Secretary: Jackie Schumer

Treasurer: Mark Solari

Pre-Cursillo: Kim Drury

3 Day: Art Hittler

Post Cursillo: Richard Avellone/Marge Barton

School of Leaders: Bernie & Becky Will/Jami Drury & Kim Browne

FIESTA: Jenni Marquart

Communications: Barry Cahill/Derek Drury

Deanery Reps: Bob Schumer/Barb Schweigert