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Palanca Coordinator
Annette North

Our Cursillo Community will gladly provide Palanca for your upcoming weekend.
Please send your requests far enough in advance so that we may respond properly and in time for your weekend.
We mail all Palanca responses through the U.S. Postal Service.

Please send your requests to
Annette North

or E-mail Requests to

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The palanca that is being offered by this Diocese includes the following:

Rosary Decades
Visits to the Blessed Sacrament
Days of Fasting
Personal Sacrifices
And So Much More...

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We are in need of Palanca to renew our movement.
Please join us in the following prayer we are praying:

Loving God, we come to you seeking your preference in our lives.  Fill us with your Spirit of attentive listening, faith filled freedom and generous response.  Awaken our minds and hearts to your indwelling presence so that we may be open to see and hear what you are asking of us at this time.  Free us from the obstacles of fear and selfishness that keep us from being open to the possibility of growth and change.  Forgive us as we forgive others, through your compassion and mercy. This we ask in the name of your son Jesus and the Spirit of wisdom.

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