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Contact Patrick Mongin at 920-819-3144 or pjmongin@gmail.com for questions on Ultreyas or Group Reunions.

A suggested format to help facilitate and organize a group Ultreya can be accessed with this link.

This recommended Ultreya sign-in sheet can be utilized to provide attendance information to the Secretariat. ULTREYA SIGN-IN SHEET

Appleton Area
4th Saturday, 8:30am (optional 8:00am mass), Jan – Oct., St. Pius X Parish, 500 W. Marquette St, Appleton
Contact: Dick Paalman, ourlines7@gmail.com, 920-731-8849

Brillion Area
Contacts: Hal & Mary Dietrich, 920-756-2401

Chilton Area   
1st Saturday, 9:30 am, Various homes
Contact: George Engel, 920-898-4352

Elkart Lake Area
2nd Saturday, 8:00 am, St Thomas Aquinas, 94 Lincoln St, Elkhart Lake.
Contact: Matt O’Connor, buckgb2000@gmail.com, 920-265-7205
Green Bay Area 
1st Saturday, 8:00 am, St. Bernard, 2040 Hillside Ln, Green Bay, Bishop Hall
Contact: Pat Mongin, pjmongin@gmail.com, 920-819-3144
New Holstein Area  
2nd Tuesday, 6:00 pm, Holy Rosary Parish, 1724 Madison St, New Holstein
Contacts: Dave & Sherry Winkel, 920-894-7027, dashwink2@gmail.com

Oshkosh Area 
Oshkosh Ultreya every fifth Monday of the month at 5:30pm, Fr Carr’s Place 2B, 1062 N Koeller St, Oshkosh
Contact:  Greg Egner, 920-233-4198, greg.egner@gmail.com.
Wautoma Area
Contacts: Terry & Cindy Martz, 920-787-2020

Weyauwega Area
1st Sunday, 6:30 PM, St(s) Peter and Paul Rectory
Contacts: Richard & Cathy Wagner, 920-867-3068

Spanish Ultreya      
Last Sunday of month, 9:00 AM, rotating at St. Philips Parish, Green Bay, St. Therese, Appleton & St. Willebrord in Green Bay
Contacts:  Norma Chavez 920-676-2369, Roberto Martinez 920-915-0139, Miguel Gomez 920-406-1027, Jesus Martin 920-406-9275

ULTREYA OR GROUP REUNION QUESTIONS CONTACT: Patrick Mongin, 4thday@gbcursillo.com , 920-819-3144