School of Leaders
The School of Leaders (SOL) is where we grow together with heart and spirit as we enrich our minds and share our thoughts with the community who's desire it is to channel, establish, help sustain, and lift each other to be leaders to shepherd the movement.  It is the working arm of the Cursillo Movement. "One is not a leader because he/she attends the School of leaders; one is in the school because he/she is a leader of Christianity. The School accentuates the Cursillo Movement because its leaders are natural leaders of Christianity".(Quote from Leaders' Manual)

We meet monthly 6:30 p.m. until 8 p.m. at Culvers on Mt Rushmore Road. Check out the Calendar for date.

Note: Must attend SOL on a regular basis to serve on the Secretariat or the 3-Day Rollo Team.
Current focus of study:
New Manual
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