Who's Who (staff)

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Vietnamese Spanish
Lay Director         
   Mike Reese
Lay Director
   Hoi Tran
Lay Director
   Greg Gutierrez
Spiritual Advisor
      Fr. Karl Schray
     (541) 227-8274

Spiritual Director (V)

   Francis Quyet Bui, SDD

   (360) 610-1526

Spiritual Director
Precursillo Section Leader 
    Mary Griffin
    (541) 269-1037 (h)

Weekend Section Leader
     Ann Reese
     (541) 440-2234

Postcursillo Section Leader
    Charla Zeltvay
    (541) 476-9714

    Mary-Ann Jamerson
    (541) 391-2481

    Helen Brockmiller
   (541) 290-5978

School of Leaders Coordinator
   Pending - See Mike Reese