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Cursillo Weekend
The Cursillo Weekend is a Holy Tool that the Lord calls us to use effectively to bring people from where they are to where they need to be - Fully Alive and Fully Human in the Lord and to journey along with us in the 4th day.  To become Pilgrim Guides for others who are searching or on the way,

In order to use this Tool effectively we as Team Members must
believe in the method and message of the Cursillo Movement.  Living the Rollos (as best we can) and Living the 4th day - that is attending Group Reunion and Ultreyas.  If we are not living the cursillo beyond the weekend (Group, Ultreya) then we can not honestly be a convincing ambassador that recommends the Cursillo Method as the answer. 

If you feel the Cursillo has and continues to be a source of continuing growth in your life and you want to be part of the team that shares this great Method with the candidates then download the Team Member Application and send it in to the address on the bottom of the form.  We will review the application and contact you to find a team to begin working with.

To find ultreyas-n-such goto the Fourth day page.