Cursillo of Fairfield County

Diocese of Bridgeport


Cursillo is a 3-day introductory course to a life-long discipline of Christian Spirituality for Catholic Adults. It is a recognized Movement of the Roman Catholic Church.

Cursillo offers us a method after the 3-day experience to deepen our personal conversion from being merely a believer in God to realizing that each of us is a cherished child of the Father, a beloved sister or brother to Christ, and a temple and partner of the Holy Spirit.

We grow in community in Christ by our sustained sharing, prayer and study in small "friendship groups" weekly. Each month we gather with other "friendship groups" in Bridgeport, Bethel and Stamford for Ultreya, the reunion of all the small groups of Cursillistas.

There is also a monthly opportunity to study our faith and the Cursillo movement at our "School of Leaders" which take place both in Monroe and Stamford each month.

Whether you are a Cursillista already or interested in finding out more about Cursillo, please feel free to join us at an Ultreya. Click on the Calendar tab for upcoming dates.

You may also want to visit the National Cursillo website for additional information at


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De Colores!

Deacon Tom Masaryk, Spiritual Director

Pat Gorman, Lay Director

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