The 4th Day
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The 4th Day

Everything that is done in terms of the Cursillo methodology and purpose has the 4th day as its end objective. The PreCursillo and the 3-day Weekend are only preliminary steps toward the 4th Day. The purpose of the three days is to bring people from the Precursillo into the 4th day. As with many other things in life, it involves a process. The 4th day is designed to increase and continue the conversion process and the living out of what is fundamental for being a Christian (a process initiated during the 3-day Weekend). Within the structures of the 4th day, the individual and group restlessness brought to life during the Weekend are kept stimulated so that the Chruch and human community with whom the individuals and their groups are immersed are continually leavened with the Gospel spirit.

If the purpose of the Cursillo Movement is to find, lead to conversion and sustain evangelizers in their task of evangelizing their environments, then the most difficult task will always be to sustain them. The Cursillo Movement has, from the very beginning, taken the responsibility for providing a community for those who become a part of the Cursillo Movement. It is within this community where they will be understood, helped, and motivated to grow and share their Christian life together. The Cursillo is able to accomplish this through the Friendship Group Reunions and the Ultreyas.